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Professional Resume

A strategic and systems thinker with experience in ed-tech, e-commerce, product design, web design, and marketing. With over 5 years of professional expertise, I have worked with renowned global brands such as Chegg, Zharta, OLX, and SpalshLearn. I embrace a growth mindset, continuously pursuing knowledge and utilizing it to effectively solve intricate business challenges.

Professional Experience

Spain - Remote

Product Designer
January 2023 – Present

INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT: As a product designer, I oversaw the design process, seeding the design system and building brand guidelines of the Zharta product from start to finish.

COLLABORATION: I worked directly with both the Marketing and the Development departments, which meant adapting my mindset and communication to different stakeholder groups to make sure I incorporated all their ideas and feedback in our product. Because I was also working hand in hand with the Community Management department, it was also a daily task to tweak and finesse our product based on our users' critiques.

INNOVATION: Koda Renting Assets Niche Platform for Legends of the Mara Game Launched by Yuga Labs through user interviews and feedback gathering, we conducted brainstorming sessions, which resulted in wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes that balanced our users' needs and our internal business goals.


Senior UX and Visual Designer - IC
January 2019 – Dec 2023

Senior UX Designer for 3 product design teams, including Expert QnA and Chegg Study with 3M+ subscribers and the key driver for Chegg’s learning services business.


  • GROWTH: Piloted and managed content syndication across multiple partners delivering content through all lines of business that enabled 30% year-over-year growth of partner business

  • INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT: Planned, managed, and executed the 2020 Global Digital Channel Sales Summit, an internal event with 700+ registered attendees, for a 2-day global event that brought together 25+ teams from marketing, creative, and sales across 30+ countries

  • INNOVATION: Conceived, created proof-of-concept, and delivered elements for a provisional patent on the subject of content syndication

South-East Asia

UX Designer
July 2017 – Dec 2018

Driving business goals as a member of the growth team. I was charged with developing innovative experiences across the entire OLX suite (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Web) to improve engagement, conversion, retention, and engagement.


  • GROWTH: Data-backed experimentation projects for onboarding, key product features (new sell button, help feature), and landing pages

  • CLASSIFIED: Improved mobile conversion by 20%+ and increased mobile revenue by 8%+ by delivering OLX Pay for The North Face as part of OLX’s launch.

  • GROWTH: Initiated A/B testing that generated $1M+ in incremental monetisation boost


Masters of Digital Visual Design, VFX and Animation

Deque University

Human Centered Design


Color Theory


Bachelors of Zoology, Botony and Chemistry

A.J.Kidwai Mass Communication & Research Center..

New Delhi

Designing An Accessible User Experience - WCAG 2.2

Certified User Experience Analyst

Certified Usability Analyst

Agile Methodology

Digital Dionysus Mentorship Programme

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University. Agra


Adobe Creative Suite


Studypad Inc- Splashmath Kids app - 17 million downloads
NASA- iPad App 
Danone ipad Game for kids

Designing Onboarding For Hiring New Designer

As a team player of designer you have to wear many hats: coach, expert, leader, supervisor, and sometimes a touch of human resources.

First impressions are critical in any new relationship and this is equally true in the workplace. During my time at Chegg and again at Art of Problem Solving I made this experience a priority. Working with the lead designers, I directed a complete re-thinking of how we onboard new designers. 

Show them that you care


Starting a new job is stressful. We all have choices in where we decide to work and spend our time. How do you craft an experience that shows the new folks that you are truly excited to have them join the team, give them information, and put a smile on their face?

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